Small Speakers for Berning Microzotl?

I'd like to get a pair of small speakers, like desktop or monitor size, for my office. I'll drive them with a Berning Microzotl 3 watt tube integrated amp. I'm thinking they need to be a minimum of 8ohms and 92db efficient. What do you think would be the minimum efficiency (for low volume)?

So far, it looks like the Zu, WLM Diva or Reference 3a speakers might work? I'd love to hear any comments on these and/or any others you might suggest.

Thanks, Jeff
Take a look at Decware, they have a bookshelf speaker that can be run with 2 watts. $700.00 And don't forget Omega or Galante there are some on the GON right now.
I'm using the MicroZOTL by itself right now with my Zu Soul Supremes, and I'm shocked at how good it is with just 1w.  I've used a number of Transcendent OTL amps with 2-5w and the scale that the MicroZOTL is able to produce vs. those is incredible.  My Zu Cubes are at my cabin in another system so unfortunately I can't give you a direct comparison there with the smaller Zus, but I have no reason to think the smaller Zus couldn't be driven equally well.  I do have the maxed out MicroZOTL with the external power supply and NOS tubes, but that shouldn't matter in terms of synergy.

I'm only on the 3rd day of break-in with the MicroZOTL, but it's already at least the second best combo I've had by itself--I'll do a better comparison to my larger Atma-Sphere MP-1/Thoress 845 SET monos (and it driving the 845 SET monos) once the break-in is complete in a week or so.  That's about $30K worth of really nice pre-amp/amp gear, and if this is close at $2K, that's saying a lot.