Slappa CD cases

Category: Accessories

I first asked about the Slappa cd cases on this site. I heard about them and was curious if anyone had experience with them. I was skeptical that there was a case that was "that much better" then what was already on the market. I checked out the Slappa site ( and on the site I read the product review written by TNT-Audio. They raved about the product being smart and worth a serious look. The price of the cases is not expensive so I figured it did not hurt to check these out. All I can say is they are much nicer then any of the other CD cases I have used in the past. The aforementioned review (and now SoundStage has also reviewed the cases) sum up the product accurately. But if you don't want to take the time to read those reviews I will summarize my experience with these cases.

They are made of a semi-hard base material, which gives you the peace of mind that the discs are protected. It is well constructed. They come in lots of colors which sure beats the basic black nylon (I went with the grey and maroon small cases and black and maroon medium cases). The pages are very high quality (and this was one area where this case is obviously in a league above all the other cases I have used) I can store my discs in a soft pocket and the accompanying cover in a clear pocket that is stitched (I really like the fact that these pages are stitched) right on top of the disc pocket. I would like to see them make the clear window a little wider so I can fit the rear disc cover in there (so I can see the song list for the disc). The outside spines have little windows for alphabetizing the cases AND labeling what discs are in each case. You can create good looking labels at the Slappa website.

I also like seeing they paid attention to the little details on these cases. The rubber zipper is a nice little tweak. I have converted all of my discs to these cases and have them on a plain black cd rack. When they are all lined up on the rack the rubber zippers all hang down evenly and it looks good. Sounds crazy I know but does look good. The cases also come with a disc cleaning rag. IMO this they can do without but I guess some would use it

All in all these guys have raised the bar as to what a cd case is (and is not) and I do appreciate the fact that there is finally a quality case out there. I have a lot of discs, my disc collection continues to grow and I do take my discs out and about quite a bit.

With the Slappa cases I can take my discs out with me and know that the discs stay together with the covers (as opposed to when I used to take the disc out of the jewel case and put it in a portable case, leaving the cover at home in the jewel case). Since the cover and disc now stay together and the cases have the labeling system I can easily take a case with me and when I come home just pop it back into its place on the shelf (no longer go back and forth between the case and the jewel case).

It may sound trivial to write a review about cd cases but I would have to disagree. We all spend thousands, possibly tens of thousands, on our systems-cables-power chords and discs. My collection of discs is nearing 1,000. That is roughly $15,000 worth of discs and I do care about storing and protecting my discs. I simply got tired of jewel cases--them cracking, the space they use up and the pain in the a*%! it is to travel with them. I'm glad to see a viable option for storing my disc collection.

hope this is useful