Single-source amplifiers with volume control?

Newbie posting... I have a Jolida 302A integrated amp, B&W DM602 (originals), and no CD player right now (sold my Cambridge Audio D300 recently). I'm looking to either sell the Jolida (see auctions), or modify it to a single-source amp running CD-only. I'm on a budget.

So, if I were to seel the Jolida, I would probably return to solid state. I want the simplest, best sounding amp/cd/speaker combo for the money. I listen to a lot of rock, some jazz, a little classical.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a direct-from-CD amplifier with a volume pot that doesn't have source selectors, balance, or bass/treble? 2-channel only.

Or, do you recommend keeping the Jolida and modifying it to bypass the input selectors, etc... which I find introduce some fuzz into the sound?

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb post. Trying to learn.
I would not modify the integrated. If you decide to go solid state on a budget try Luminous Audio-Axiom pre amp for $125.00 or Endler stepped attenuators for $80.00. Both are quality products and real audio bargains. To go direct to the amp with a CD player that has a volume control will cost approx. $800.00 on up.

If you know what you are doing, it should be very easy to bypass the selector switch and have a single input. You should be able to do this and not do any permenent damage to the integrated. You could easily solder the selector back into the circuit later.

However, if you want to upgrade your whole system, I would highly recommend the Quad 99 CDP CD player which has an excellent remote controlled variable volume. You could use it with the power amp of your choice for an excellent system. Heck, you can even get a Quad 99 or Quad 909 power amp for a great priced used and have an excellent all Quad system for a decent price.

These components cost more than the Jolida and Cambridge, but they are excellent and could get you through many years without the need to upgrade.