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Anyone had experience ordering from Simplifi Audio of San Diego? I ordered and paid for a DSpeaker Dual Core from them over a month ago and cannot get any response from Tim Ryan, the owner of Simplifi. The Dual Core is supposed to ship within 1 month, guaranteed. I have called him and left 2 voice mail messages and sent emails and get nothing except the announcement on the voicemail that says "I am out of range," whatever that means. This has left a very bad impression on me. What is your experience with Tim Ryan and Simplifi Audio?
This issue was resolved since I heard from Tim Ryan today. He has been at the Munich Audio show. His phone coverage did not operate there so, he has not returned calls. The Dual Core has been backordered and that has been resolved and units will ship the week of June 3rd. So all is well.
I dont know if you have resolved your issue, but not me.

I paid for a Dspeaker unit (1099$US)at the Montreal audio show on March 23th (!) have received only one email back from Tim saying the units where available since april 22 and that he would ship promptly.

I send 2 other mails the last two weeks, asking for a final delivery time confirmation, and still never got any answer back. Also, I contacted a local friend of Tim who was suppoosed to received our units (we are 3 in the same situation) and he cannot get held of him over the phone nor by mail.

We are June 3, and I still have not received my unit.

Initiallly at the show, I was told of a waiting time of 2 maximum 3 weeks for the delivery.

After 11 weeks (!!) I am very disapointed but I still leave him a chance before asking for reimbusement, as I know he is a nice guy and overwelmed by demands.

Very frustrating anyhow...
I had some delay issues with receiving my Dual Core also. Tim is a good guy and offers great products. The delay is most likely with Dspeaker in Finland. They can't make the Dual Core fast enough to keep up with world wide demand, and they are improving firmware with downloadable updates every few months. Tim is pretty much a one man show with a shop helper. He keeps a very busy schedule running to audio shows and to Europe to check out the latest from his product line. He is an honest guy who most likely believed that your Dual Core would be available sooner.
Hang in there the Dual Core is worth the wait! Your system will sound remarkably better with it.
Jocelyndrolet, I am waiting for my Dual Core to be shipped. I was told 8 days ago in a phone conversation with Tim it would ship on June 5th. I am a bit edgy however after the initial lack of communication, and difficulty getting responses. Really, communication would help a lot from Tim.

Rodge, yes Tim is basically a one man operation, but since he is, his communication with his customers should be of even higher importance, because of delays. What's wrong with spending an hour each day answering emails or emptying your voicemail? All Tim needs to do is keep customers who are waiting for the Dual Core up to date and that would help to calm the waters. I will update this thread on June 5th when my unit is supposed to ship.
Yes I agree that Tim should keep in touch with his customers on a regular basis. I guess my post sounded more like excuses rather than the what I was trying to get across.

Don't give up on the Dual Core!

These things are hard to come by and your closer now to getting one than if you pull out and repurchase down the road. BTW there is a very good thread over on the Audio Circle Forum in the Bass Place circle.
Dual Core shipped on June 5th arrived on June 7th.
That's great! The Dual Core is a very special piece of audio gear. If you have any questions on it's features, contact me by PM over on Audio Circle. Same moniker.
Rodge, I will be sure to contact you. I do have questions about how to get the most out of the DC. Thank you.
I ordered the DSPeaker with the higher-capacity power supply and was charged $1449 by PayPal on April 9. I have still not received my order, and I am writing this on July 9.

I did manage to get Tim on the phone two times since placing my order, and both times he told me the unit would be shipped about a week later, and mentioned both times that the manufacturer in Finland had developed "new firmware versions" that had delayed the shipment of the units.

To his credit, he was polite on the phone; but I am another frustrated customer, in that after 3 months, I still have received nothing---even though their website states that orders will be completed within 30 days. It does make me feel a little better, seeing from these posts, that other customers have had the same experience ordering this unit from Simplifi Audio. Still, until my order actually arrives, I fear the loss of my $1449.

You won't loose your money. Paypal will see to that, just file a complaint and they will work out a refund for you. Tim means well, but he is tethered to a very small company that can't keep up with demand. As I mentioned to Foster9 in an earlier response " you are closer now to getting a Dual Core than if you pull out". I went through a similar thing waiting months for my Dual Core and almost gave up, but I'm glad I didn't.
I ordered a $500 power supply and have not received it after 7 months! All emails have been ignored. I'm working with PayPal to try to get a refund - they acknowledged that this is a 'problem' vender that has been suspended. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!! No response to 5 emails and calls!

It took 3 months to get my Dspeaker 2.0 - and the communication then was also terrible, but at least I got it.
Perhaps an email to Dspeaker in Finland will help.
Just to back up the original poster on this - I also had a bad experience purchasing the Dual Core 2.0 from Simplifi Audio. Company states on its website that you can return the Dual Core within 20 days and get a 90% refund IIRC, and that they will refund your money within three weeks. I sent my Dual Core back as per the instructions and had to wait five months for the refund. Numerous calls went unanswered. When I did reach Mr. Ryan he would promise to refund the money within a few days, but it never happened. This occurred so many times I lost count. I often got the same excuses - he was attending a trade show, had to pay the fees, didn't have phone coverage, etc. etc. My friends told me I would never see the money. Finally I contacted a lawyer, and on that very day, by chance, I got my refund. Needless to say I will be avoiding Simplifi Audio.

btw, the reason I sent it back: I didn't like the sound of the Dual Core. It was too stereotypically "digital" and edgy. Mr. Ryan's suggestion was to purchase a separate power supply from him. I declined.
I know what you mean. Tim can be super helpful, & yet be a flake at other times. I will say this- getting rid of the supplied wall-wart & using a out-board DC power supply does wonders. I bought a linier 20 amp Astron for 130.00 & it powers 3 dual cores.