Simple B&W Nautilus 804 Question

I just purchased a used pair of B&W Nautilus 804 Speakers. I am in the process of unpacking them. The seller is not available to ask. The instructions mention a transit clamp in the back of the speakers with no other notations. Is that the large screw like metal thing protruding from behind the top Kevlar driver? If so, do I completely remove it, or do I just loosen it. Thanks in advance for your help.
There are specific instructions for this as it may be the transit screw or, more critically, the tensioning screw for the driver. I do not have the instructions with me now but, if you will repost with a better description of the screw, I will consult my docs later at home.
If you're referring ONLY to the black plastic cover plate with screw on the upper back of the speaker, remove it. Its function is to protect the portion of the midrange driver (which protrudes from the back) during transit.


Still need more help. I have removed the large silver color screw, that is all. There is a big black plastic ring around where the screw went in. The manual sais the instructions are on the back of the speakers. Obviously removed. Must be when from the factory.
Unscrew the screw and what ever comes off with it is supposed to be off.
Put the large silver piece back on its part of the midrange. That is how the driver is mounted. I'm surprised it didn't fall out.
The manual (for the 800) states that one should remove the cross-cut (philips driver) screw which is for transport. It say NOT to remove or adjust the slotted (flat driver) screw which tensions the midrange driver.
Thanks to all. The B&W site was down yesterday, which prompted the post; but is back up today. I traded eMails with Todd McLellan at their US headquarters and we figured out it did not have the transit clamp attached; it is just the flat drive screw mentioned by Kr4 above. It arrived fine shipping without it.