Simaudio Moon P-8 vs. Krell KCT

Anyone out there ever compare the two? Which would mate better with my old Acoustat Spectra 44's?
I have heard both, although not side by side. I currently own a KCT as it is connected via CAST to my 700cx amp. It is a great pre-amp, however, the two box Simaudio in my opinion represents another leap forward. Also, the Krell generates a lot of heat. The Simaudio runs cooler.
Thank you. I have since then made the move and purchased a P-8. Wow! The soundstage is absolutely huge, and no matter how loud I crank it, it is by far the quietest preamp I have ever listened to. It's big though, in two boxes, but I feel it is worth it. I did finally have an opportunity to try a KCT, which I bought used, but resold it soon after as it was a little too "acidic" for my taste and system.
I have a KCT but have a chance to get a P-8 and was wondering if anyone has compared these or tried the P-8 with the FPB line.