Sim Moon cd player Opninons

I have a sony SCD777ES im thinking of bying the Sim has
enybody got eny Opninons.
Get an Electrocompaniet 24/192 player. That's the way to go for an all in one player.
The Electrocompaniet is certianly a way to go, with all
respect to Patmatt, the Sim was my choice. The sound from
these two is world class in every regard, so close in fact
that other factors will have you choose one over the other.
Sit them side by side if you can and get the feel of each one. Either way, you win. Enjoy.
I used to own one- excellent 'slam' factor; tightest bass in any CDP I have heard' micro-detail retrieval is excellent; benefits nicely from inserting an upsampler in the equation, as the Eclipse's Dac can read 24/96 (although the transport only outputs 16/44). A world-class product often overlooked because its' penetration in the U.S. market has been minimal compared to other brands...
Upgrade your Sony to the XA888ES. Much better base then the Moon and about the same in higher freqs. Attack on the XA is the best in show. Even beats the Meridian and Wadia.
Keis, was the Sony 888 something you heard at the CES show? It seems not to be found on Sony's site or any search engine?

Is it a multi-channel player?

Sony Mi fi as good as a Sim HAHAHAHA
Natalie. I laughed so hard I almost spilled my coffee. Good one!
Yes I laagh real hard to when people put Sony in the HI END.
Side buy side only a Deaf Man would pick Any Sony Player over a SIM player.The Only better player I have heard the the Sim Moon Eclipse is the Audio Aero CApitole.
If the SIm where a Made In The USA product with Krell Levisnson Add budgets you would read nothing but raves about it.
Natalie is right- in fact, I own the Capitole now after selling my Sim Eclipse- both are fine players with different strengths...
I see Sutts beat me to the punch - re: his Capitole.


I own an Eclipse, so I'm gonna say Sim. ...Others to look at:
I'll second Natalie's recommendation Audio Aero Capitole - Stutts might have a few words on this CDP for you too. …And if budget is flexible there's also the Accuphase DP75V. All are good choices. $. I don't know if I'd put the Electrocompaniet in the same grouping, but this is a personal preference issue.

It's really hard to beat the Sim's performance& build/$ ratio. With regard to folks suggesting that the Sim lacks bass… they obviously have other gremlins at play in their system(s) and blamed them on the Sim. Even the best $ no object CDP will sound poor if not properly isolated or if mated to poorly matched ancillary components & wires.

As for Sony...well I haven't heard a Sony that would compare - except SACD, and it wasn't as close as you might think.

Whatjd....Sorry I meant the XA999ES. Its reviewed in the Jan and Feb Stereophile. Better then the 555/333 which got A ratings in the Oct 01 Stereophile.
OK you snobes. I have auditioned the Linns, Muse, Meridian 588, and the Sim. The Sony is better, not just SACD but straight red book. I had the same reaction. Since the SCD-1 came out Sony have come out with a series of players that are competitive with the hi end stuff. I listened to the $3500 Linn which was running warm and broken in in a Listen Up show room. System included a Levinson pre and mono blocks and B&W 803s. I asked to hear the Sony. Since I had purchased stuff from the sales person before he humored me and went into the store room and pulled out a boxed XA777ES. He plugged it in cold and my wife who is a musician and has listened to systems with me for many years said after 5 It blew the doors off the Linn.
Read the Sim Moon and XA777ES reviews in Sterophile. Clearly the Sony wins. Their opinion and to a lesser degree mine.