Sim Audio Supernova vs Esoteric DV-50 / X-05

I am contemplating the purchase of a Esoteric or Sim Evolution Supernova for balanced 2 channel cd. I am familiar with the DV-50 and like it but don't have access to the X-05 or Supernova for audition. Has anyone heard either the X-05 or Supernova in the same system to give advice or at least heard them to know if they better the DV-50 appreciably ? Any help is appreciated. Happy Holidays to all !!
Best Regards,
I heard the supernover from sim audio through local dealer. i was the same boat before you came in. and i pick the x-05. reason being first the build of the unit. second the transport and third the sound and detail compare to the supernover. and if you like the sound of DV-50. then the X-05 will be an improve for your current setup. just my 2 cents. thx