Sim Audio I5 vs Classe CAP 151 Integ Amp

Has anyone compared the Sim Audio I5 to the Classe CAP 151? The Sim Audio I5 is a marvelous unit, but at only 70 watts/channel, it retails for $2,600. The Classe CAP 151 boasts a power output of 150 watts/chanel, but retails for $2,000. Thank you.
Both of these are excellent. What speakers, source and cables are you using..or will you use? The answers to these questions may point to which of these would be best. As far as power, remember that to get a 2 to 3 db. gain power needs to double, so 150 watts into 8 ohms is will play only slightly louder than 75 watts. The power question is best addressed in terms of your speakers power needs, your room size and acoustics and, most importantly, your listening habits. Hopefully you will get many people giving you input, but we are in a great time for quality integrateds. If you have the chance, these are the ones that I would suggest you listen to... the SimAudio I-5, Classe CAP-151, Plinius 8150 and the VAC Avatar. The VAC is tube, where all the others are solid state. I have heard all of these through Magnepan MG 1.6 and 3.6, and could live with any of them.....there are differences and I would have an order of point is that all of these manufactures are to be admired,...and thanked, for these superb efforts. If you go back 10 or less years, your choice of integrateds would have made me suggest seperates. Good luck.
This is a P.S. to my, above, comments. I left out another choice for your to consider. The new Magnum Dynalab MD-208 receiver is part SimAudio and part Etude+ tuner. This unit is rated 100 watts into 8 ohm...and being transistor.. more into 4 ohms. I don't know if this unit will have the success it should have, or will spawn a new generation of high-quality what has happened with integrateds., but it is just excellent. It does, like all SimAudio amplifiers, require nearly 200 hours of use before it's true sound is to be had. Also, the vast majority of people with high-end audio don't use FM as a true source.,, They don't know what they are missing. With a Magnum, Fanfare or other great tuner, there is much to be had on the airwaves. And most college towns have a station or two with excellent Jazz and classical music... and FM is still the best way to learn about new music. Much better to learn of new music through your stereo system..than your car. Sorry to ramble...but I have used many great tuners, including the Magnum 108...and FM is a great source of music....if you have a great tuner.
I recently purchased a pair of Audio Physic Tempo 3's, which are very efficient.
I would suggest the Classe CAP 151 (but then again I own it) for the power amp section alone. I wasn't a big fan of the preamp portion (or any of Classe's preamps for that matter), but the power amp was superb and I added a preamp (used with the amp in, bypassing the preamp) when I had saved more money. So if you want something for the long term I would suggest the Classe where it seems to me the bulk of the investment would be in the power portion of this integreated.