Silver wiring for interconnects

I recently changed internal wiring on my Merlin VSM-Mx speakers to Neotech Silver OCC5N solid core. I find sound beeing nice/smooth but still detailed even more so than original without a hint of edge/sharpness. Sound gets more fleshier/full as time goes with better soundstage. I was very sceptical before changing and it wasn´t until reading very positive reviews, especially on Neotechs, I dared.
I use Siltech and Zen silver cables in my system, hence change for better synergy.

I now consider making own IC:s from Neotech but would like to hear other opinion/ideas about: wiring thickness, isolating/damping material and design concept.
For speakers, internal wiring was isolated/damped with pure cotton, no teflon. Used 3x20awg on mid/woofer and 2x20awg on tweeter.

Many Thanks!
Silver has intrigued me, as well. Recently getting my system together, so have no prior experience with different cable comparisons. That being said, I am now using single solid core 9999 12g(?) SC from Tempo Electric., non-terminated. I just plugged in, a 3 wire solid core 999 28 awg / 22 awg copper grounds IC from Soundsilver Trilogy (these are VERY affordable!). Goes from CDP to integrated amp, 3 watt SE. Soon I will be instead using a 45 SET with seperate Preamp, so Tempo made me xlr to rca single solid core 9999. I can offer no review here, but would be interested in hearing others experiences and comments. Very nice system Clabe, and have a great Thanksgiving!
I have also used silver in places, replaced the tweeter wire in my S100s with Home Grown Audio silver wire and it made a nice improvement. I am using a custom silver tonearm cable from a small maker in England and it is very good. I have some Siltech ICs of the 4-28 and 4-56 vintage but they are .5M length so have limited application. The newer pure silver Siltech is a little out of my budget range.
Hi Clabe, I see Parts Connexion lists Neotech 20awg silver OCC5N with teflon jacket(blue) hook-up wire. Is this what you used, or is the bare silver conductor available without the teflon jacket? If so, who sells it?
Thanks all for your helpfulness.
Hi David! I purchased the ones with teflon jacket from Parts Connexion but the cotton tube (one for every core) had to narrow internal diameter so I pulled teflon of because I prioritated thick cotton for both its dielectric and antivibrating properties useful in a "vibrant" enviroment inside speaker.

Have a nice Thanksgiving!
I've been using Neotech 20-24ga chassis wire for balanced interconnects and am very pleased with the sound. FYI, I wouldn't advice anything smaller than 28ga for an interconnect as it's quite fragile.
Hi Face!
I´ll take that into consideration.
These silver cables are wonderful in my Merlins, so relaxed and natural sounding, no fatigue whatsoever.
Sound gets better as time goes, I read 200-400 hours before fully "burnt in". Just passed 170 hours.

Many Thanks!
I can't speak to DIY interconnects (IC), but I will tell you that I tried the Audioquest King Cobra IC, which are silver...and that is all I run now.

I also did an A/B comparison with the PS Audio Premier Power Cable (silver), and the PS Audio AC12 Power Cable (copper), and I am using the Premier. I am a real believer in the quality of sound that silver produces.

Speaker cables will be next. :-)
Hi Manterror!
I also believe in silver nowdays, believe production methods has improved over past years. Purity of material, OOC-method in keeping boundaries of electrons passing through to a minimum I would like to belive has a positive effect and not only theoretically.

Good Luck!
Hey Clabe,

I really never thought it would make a difference in sound quality. My friend convinced me to try it, and it was shocking how much of a difference the silver made. So much smoother...the copper seemed to veil the sound to me. Let us know what you decide man.

Hi Manoterror!
I will but first I would like to ask the "audience" if any of You out there has recommendation of proper wire gauge for interconnects. I believe the bigger the signal the bigger the diameter. Therefore interconnect has smaller diameter then speaker wire.
I would imagine strand size (solid core) of 22-25 AWG,
please correct me if I´m wrong.
Also shielding and material as insulator is important, especially for smaller signals running through interconnects.

Many Thanks!
Hi Manoterror and others!
I´ve got the IC´s assembled from Neotech yesterday. Been running constant for about 14 hours. Immediate impression was midrange blurry (like a curtain in front), now it "opened up" and sound is clearer.
I use 20 awg for each lead isolated with tube silk these are twisted together and sorrounded with copper braid. One end of braid (of each cable) is connected to ground for proper shielding. Finally I use black braid Techflex for cosmetic reason. Connectors is Eichman Silver Bullet, I use thick shrinking tube to prevent screw from connector penetrating insulating material.
Now I have to wait and hope for happy outcome.

Regards and Happy New Year!