Silclear , Caig ProGold, or Kontak?

I will be cleaning my contacts from the first time. My interconnects are about a year old (not counting the time they spent from the factory to my system) and my power cords are slightly younger. Any recommendations on which of these three (Silclear, Caig ProGold or Kontak) will give me the most bang for my buck? Thanks in advance for any help.

I use Kontak and have good results.. absolutely no residue, it really works and cleans any oxidation or dirt off. you will hear a difference, esp. when you do all the power cord prongs.
Kontak has always worked well for me for cleaning. Caig is also very good, but consider using their cleaning product, Caig DeOxit rather than the ProGold which is a lubricant/preservative for use after cleaning (although many people use ProGold for both duties).

OTOH, 92% isopropyl alchohol does a good job for most cleaning if you don't have visible oxidation, and it's US$2.00 a pint. (Just make sure it's pure alcohol with no additives.)
Silclear is not a cleaning agent.
Forget all of them and buy SST from Walker Audio. I have tried all of these and found they make, at best, a subtle difference. SST will floor you.
SST is the best contact enhancer available - absolutely agree. But the question was about CLEANING contacts, even though the subject line listed products not made for this purpose. One needs to clean the surfaces before applying Walker Audio's SST, and for cleaning, use either Caig DeOxit or Kontak.
One thing I noticed is that Kontak, the older 2 bottle 2 step formula will clean the oxidation off and make the metal surface look new. DeOxit and ProGold doesn't seem to get the stuff off the metal, is it supposed to be that way?