ProGold vrs Kontak vrs ?

I have used Kontak connection cleaner/enhancer on my system and am very pleased with increased musical transparancy and increased detail. I was dissappointed with ProGold and immediately removed it as it rolled off high end and obscured fine musical detail in my system. Any other comments on connection cleaners/enhancers? In my system there was big difference between Kontak and ProGold
I just cleaned my system with some Audioquest cleaner.I cant remember the name.My buddy has it now.After cleaning I applied XLO enhancer.Thats the stuff that comes in the packets for a buck each.I spent 2 days with this project.I cleaned and treated all my tube pins,tube sockets,any plugs,wiring etc in my amp and preamp.I opened up my pre outboard power supply and cleaned and treated its guts also.I opened my 2 electrical outlets and spiffed them up also,plus all the obvious I.C.s etc.I applied Groove=Glide to all the I.C.s,cords and cables.WOW!!! what a HUGE improvement all around.I wish I would have done this a long time ago!!
I like ProGold just fine, but it can strip off a little too much metal if you use it very often.
ProGold has 5% solution and 100% solution. For the 100% solution G100L, it works pretty good.
BTW my original post I failed to mentioned that I was using ProGold 100% solution, which I was not satisfied with, and removed it. I am surprised there are not more opinions on this subject as contact cleaners/enhancers definitely change the sound, and you would have to spend hundreds/thousands of dollars to get the same effect of a $39 bottle of Kontak. Although I must say in general I prefer not to apply enhancers to CDs/ green pen, anti-static spray etc