Shunyata Venom vs Delta NR power cables

I am currently using 2 Shunyata Venon NR power cables in my system. I have a Venom NR V10 on my PrimaLuna EVO 300 integrated and a Venom NR V12 on my Innuos Zen MkIII streamer/server. I have enjoyed the differences they make. I am not currently using any other type of power conditioning. My System is very simple, Zen to Qutest DAC to EVO 3ooi, thats it. I was thinking of possibly trying one of the next steps up in cables to the Delta NR v2. So my question, has anyone done a head to head of the 2? Also, if I did move up would I be better to use it on the Zen to the PrimaLuna? Was also thinking of just adding a Shunyata defender in the empty outlet on my dedicated line. Thanks
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I started out with Venom power cables. Then I moved to Nordost Heimdall 2 cords and experienced a huge increase in all those adjectives that people use to describe improved performance. I recently bought a Shunyata Delta NR 2 power cord to run from the wall to my Shunyata power conditioner. The result of the change was tremendous!  The music was more “there,” was puncher, better soundstage etc.

If I had your setup I would run the Delta to your integrated. It seems like the best cord should be to the amplification. It’s what sounded best to me. In my system I run that best cord through the power conditioner first. I tried running a better power cord to my receiver first, but it sounded better through the power conditioner first.