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Schumann Resonator
Where do you place them in your room?  I read that they should be at least 5 feet off the floor, but, is higher better?  Should they be placed facing the listing chair, etc.?Thanks for the help! 
Static electricity
In addition to washing every new record when I first get it home, I use a Furutech Destat III on each side of a record before I play it. This does a great job of getting rid of static electricity. I then store the records in MFSL inner sleeves. Th... 
Upgrading speaker cables advice.
I bought a used pair of the Frey 2 speaker cables and they sound great; lots of detail, full of “presence.”  Not dry or analytical at all. I have heard that the original Frey and Heimdall wires were a little dry. That problem has been more than fi... 
Shunyata Venom vs Delta NR power cables
I started out with Venom power cables. Then I moved to Nordost Heimdall 2 cords and experienced a huge increase in all those adjectives that people use to describe improved performance. I recently bought a Shunyata Delta NR 2 power cord to run fro... 
Maintosh MA6900 and speaker pairing
I have a 6700. I looked at a bunch of different speakers and Martin Logan sounded best. Great soundstage, detail and plenty of bass.  
Which integrated amp for rock/metal (and why McIntosh?)
I also have McIntosh receiver. At 200 watts it is plenty to play rock music very well. And, I, too, got it down to Krell or McIntosh. To me, the McIntosh sounded more natural with a fuller sound. The Krell was a little too thin and analytical.  
Classical music, symphony AND planar speakers
I have a pair of slightly more expensive Martin Logans with a McIntosh receiver. I have a smaller room than you, but the Martin Logans sound great on all kinds of classical music, including symphonic and big orchestral pieces. They fall down a lit... 
furutech antistat 3
I’ve been using one for about six months. It makes a tremendous difference. Also, the effect seems to be somewhat cumulative. The first time I use the Furutech on a record it takes care of a lot of the static related pops and noise. The 2nd use re... 
Emotional rollercoaster
It is about the music, not the equipment. In my case, though, I have found that I enjoy the music more if it is played through a decent system. I started this journey out 45 years ago when my dad bought a receiver and a turntable from the Shell ga... 
Sony Walkman NW-A45 music transfers.
I use dB power amp to rip cds to FLAC files on my Windows 10 PC.  I then just copy and paste into the Walkman.  Works great.  The only thing to be careful about is to make sure that the album artist is exactly the same for multiple discs by the sa... 
tidying up cables
So, power cords should not be bundled together?  I was planning on bundling the power cords together and the signal carrying cords together and then separating the two bundles.  Is that a bad idea?  Why? 
Need a Record Brush. Got a recommendation?
Here's another vote for the Hunt brush.  It's the best of both worlds.  It has a soft pad to take off the easy top level of dust then a stiff, directional row of carbon fiber filaments that digs deep into the grooves. 
What are you using to rip your cds to a hard drive?
Thanks for all the good advice.  I'm using an external drive and dbpoweramp to rip flac files to my pc and then move the files to an external hard drive.  The comments in these posts make me feel that I'm not missing any information from my ripped... 
Looking at sub $200 power cables.
I also have Shunyata throughout my system and am very happy. 
Martin Logan Ethos speakers
All good ideas. Thank you!