Shunyata python vx VS black mamba cx

Anyone have compare both cable for digital application, wich one is the best?

On the use market the python vx is more expensive compare to the black mamba.

If I have the budget is that it's worth it to buy the python vx.

thank you for your help
why not try to compare the two yourself in your own system ? it may be possible to borrow them from a dealer or from the cable company.
Hi, I have compared both. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. For me, the CX are more extended up top and fairly even and the VX lower background hash. In my main system I ended up with a Python CX on my Genesis Digital Lens and a Python VX on my Slimdevices Transporter giving me the best balance. I would try to compare both side-by-side if you can since I don't see a clear winner.