Should I mod my original MHDTParadisea or uprade

I have an a original MHDT Paradisea dac connected to a Mac Mini via Emprical Audio USB Off-Ramp. Recently I purchased a version 3 for a friend here on audiogon and highly anticipating its arrival so I can compare it to my original. I'm tempted to have my original dac modded or skip the whole process and get a version 3. Any suggestion.

I'd wait till the version 3 arrives and then decide.
How/where would you have it modded? For the money, the quality and part count is high on their products. Personally I preferred the DIY Paradise USB Monica. If I were you I'd be collecting different tubes for it to try. The tube (forget which) is not intended to be used as a high fidelity audio tube. I went through many tubes (I am lucky as a close friend is a tube dealer). Surprisingly, the tubes he thought would be the best (WE, RCA) weren't. The one I did like was a re-branded give away. If my memory serves me correctly, most of the tubes had euphonic microponics. Some tizzy, some with dark bloated bass ect... FWIW, at least 8-10 tubes were tried, even multiples of the same vintage NOS WE. All were different, most bad.
Hmmmm, I assume 4est that you are talking about tube rolling in the Paradisea(?). I'm not familiar with the Monica but I do have a Paradisea and have done some rolling there myself. I can definitely agree that the tube will make a difference, but I did not have the same experience with so many negative attributes in the tubes I tried out, which were only 4 different tubes. I'd have to look up notes, or a previous post to recall my specific impressions, but recall that the three NOS tubes I tried certainly sounded better than the NOS tube they supplied with the DAC. I believe my order of preference was widely difficult to come up with, but went something like - Bendix 6385, GE 5-star, WE 396. I don't recall any of the three dishing up any notable stridencies as 4est observed, but (s)he tried more than twice as many varieties as I have. I'm using the USB version btw. Damn fine DAC for the money. My friend currently has both the Paradisea USB and their new Havana and says the Havana is marginally better - I did not get any details as to why. Probably can find some input online on that subject.
I tried the WE 396 tube that was so highly acclaimed. I didn't like it at all, so I bought another one thinking there must be something wrong. I didn't like sample number 2 either. I far preferred the stock tube, which has me thinking I must have gotten 2 duds. I guess 2 bad tubes isn't such a long shot after all. Yet another reason to hate tubes.

I'm getting the Ultra fi Soundstream solid state DAC in here to try out, so hopefully it will sound far superior to the Paradisea and I won't have to have any tubes at all in my system again!

I've heard the UltraFi Soundstream and it is a EXCELLENT DAC. When I've heard it, it was connected to a Mac Mini using iTunes as the source. Truely outstanding digital playback in the systems I've heard.

I hope you enjoy it.

Yes I do mean tube rolling in the Paradisea. The Monica is a SS USB design. I am not saying that the Monica is all that great, but that the Paradisea didn't have the PRaT that the Monica had, although the Paradisea had a little more detail if I recall. FWIW, all of the tubes I tried were tested by a very finicky retailer (name with held) that has a very strong reputation in audio circles. The point I am trying to make is try as many tubes as you can. The "stock" one ranked about 3rd.
I'm currently using a WE 396a tube and pleasantly satisfied with the results. I will wait and see how the version 3 compares to the original. I'm also interested in getting a Havana as well but if the difference is marginal I will pass. As far as modding goes Stephen over at Quest for Sound can mod just about anything. He's my local dealer and simply a pleasure to deal with. I'll probably bring my dac to Stephen to do some tube rolling and see what he has to say about this little wander.

Thanks Guys.