Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes

I will have shootout between TS BGRP, RCA vt231, KR vt231, Syl vt231, Raytheon vt 231 and "Bad boy" next weekend.

If I get MELZ 6N8S 6SN7 Metal Base next week, then I will also include it in shootout

RCA5691, Psavne Acme 300B, Psavne Acme 805 are also being used in Line Magnetic 508 amplifier.

Speaker will be Lansche 4.1 with plasma tweeter.

Digital source will be Dave and HMS fed by ripped CD stored in ssd drive of Cocktail audio x30.

I will play

Eva Cassidy's 'Autumn Leaves"

"Trinity Sessionn " by Cowboy Junkies

For classical orchestra, "Trittico" directed by Fennel.

"Still harry after all these years" will be for fusion jazz.

Any more suggestion gentlemen and ladies.

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Charles turned me on to this seller who is dependable with fast shipping from Russia. They've raised the price, most likely due to demand.

The date is inside the logo.

After receiving two more pairs of 6n8s metal base tube made in 1952 today, now I have 5 pairs of 6n8s metal base tubes in addition to 3 pairs of 1578 tubes made in 1980 and 83.

6n8s metal base sounds more female like with nuanced details while 1578 sounds more robust with deeper bass.

I will take turns at tubes depending on my mood.
Another bad Melz 1578. I ordered 3 pairs and like the first set, one tube is crackling after 50 hours of burnin. It's also microphonic; in between crackles I can hear the tube echo thru the speakers when I tap on my amp.
These are all from 1980 and the same dealer (who does accept returns), but I'm done gambling with this batch of tubes. Damn, they sound so good.

I received my 6N8S 1950 pair from Ukraine, but will wait to try them until I've run-in my 1578's. 

I heard that all old Russian tubes are prone to noise and the only way out is to do re soldering.

I recommend you to contact person with ID of " Paladin79 "in Headfi to learn how to do it.