DSOTM Shootout Idea: Any Interest?

Since getting back into vinyl and having too much free time, I've started to accumulate a number of copies of Pink Floyd's DSOTM. I'm thinking of doing a comparison of all the versions I have collected to definitively conclude, in my opinion, which is the best sounding version. I have the following versions in mostly excellent condition.

1. MFSL half speed version.
2. 30th Anniversary reissue.
3. US Capitol release.
4. UK EMI/Harvest.

I know I should include a Japanese Pro Use version, but they are rather expensive. I'm happy to borrow someone's version. It will be well-cared for.

Also, my version of the UK release may not be an early release. I read in Fremer's newsletter that an early UK pressing has an all blue triangle on the label. My version has a blue fade border on the inside of the triangle.

Anyway, if I can round up the two additional versions, I think it should be a fairly complete test.

Check over on www.audioasylum.com and do a search in the vinyl section as I know of some cats who did this shootout but I don't recall the outcome.
I saw the posts. The shootout concluded that the MFSL UHQR version sounded the best, with the regular MFSL release coming in second. I guess this is all subjective because I have the MFSL version and I don't think it sounds as good as the new reissue or the original UK release.

Here's a note of interest. We compared an original CD, the new SACD/CD release, an original US vinyl, and an original UK vinyl version. Now here's the funny part. The UK vinyl DEFINITELY sounded slower than the rest. A musician in the room said it also sounded slightly flatter.

I'd be real interested if you confirmed this in your test.

Wow...you dudes have way too much time on your hands...
Like the songs says: "You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today."

I just got a copy of the Japanese Pro Use series of DSOTM, so I think I have enough copies to give a fairly comprehensive review. My methodology will be as follows:

1. Each record will be cleaned by my Nitty Gritty machine and given a coating of GruvGlide.

2. The cartridge will be cleaned with SC-2 stylus cleaner and demagentized prior to the test.

3. In order to keep track of the individual sound of each version, I will pick two or three cuts as representative samplings and note their overall sound quality, imaging, detail, clarity, etc.

4. To enhance the experience, the evaluators will get no more than two bong hits of high quality ganja.

We'll report back with our findings.

I'll bet you 3 bong hits of black Lebanese hash the Japanese pro-use pressing will win.
This was in another lifetime, but I found the bong to work better with the Ummagumma LP. "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict" is one of the better tracks for such activities.

Not that I have any interest in that anymore!