Shipping Dunlavy SC 3's

Greetings. I am curious to get some input on packing up a pair of Dunlavy SC3's. They are about 6 feet tall, 8 inches wide and about 12 inches deep. They wiegh about 80 pounds each. They are a sealed enclosure with 5 drivers each. I have no boxes or crates. They are in immaculate shape; grill cloth as well as snaps in perfect conditiion. My moving company said that they could box them, but I am a bit suspect. I was thinking of wrapping them in clear plastic wrap, followed by bubble wrap, and placing hard material over the driver area, then blanketing them. Anyone have any suggestions on how to pack them?

Check with Audio-Video Logic of Des Moines/Urbandale, Iowa. They were a dealer for Dunlavy and purchased some left over stock. They may have boxes or advise for you.
Thanks Mcfarland, will do.
Judsauce, if A-V Logic can't help, I would think your moving company could pack them adequately.

I have a pair of Duntech Princess that weigh 180 pounds each. They were flown to the US from Oz in cardboard boxes, strapped to a wood pallet and came without any damage. I would have each speaker wrapped in a heavy gauge plastic, then have them fitted with boxes allowing for stand-offs on all sides.
Good advice Pryso,cheers,Bob
Thanks, Pryso. I'm leaning more towards the moving company. They specialize in antiques as well. I'll mention the heavy gauge plastic too.
I'd let the movers do it their way; otherwise if there is a problem they will just look at you and say "sorry, dude, you shoulda done it our way".
I would never leave my Dunlavy's to movers. If I had to I would build wood shipping containers, but not before checking with local stage/touring shops to see if they had any road/flight cases that would work. Renting those is cheap.
Absent getting original boxes, I have moved SC-IV's with no issues doing the following. This operation takes two people. Get yourself a roll of shrink wrap and a couple rolls of soft open cell foam. Clean your speakers well and then shrink wrap them thoroughly. Next wrap them in the foam, cutting it in sheets large enough to go around them and then use painters tape to hold the foam in place. Just lap a piece or two over the top and bottom after wrapping the body. Try to get it tight as possible and mark the foam for front using a magic marker. Then shrink wrap the entire speaker again as tightly as possible and don't be shy about how tight you get the shrink wrap. Once you've done that and they are mummified in the foam and shrink wrap, the movers can box them up for you with very litle issue. I would still watch them box them and ensure they know to not use the from for lifting or leverage. It will be very tough to poke through the foam/shrink wrap, but not impossible, so better safe than sorry. Any reputable mover will be able to get it right after you do this, but insure them specifically anyway.
Actually left off what OP mentioned. After initial shrink wrap tape
cardboard pieces over drivers before wrapping in foam. Hold in place with
painters tape.