Shelter 901 Cartridge

Is there an owner who uses this Cartridge ( not the 501 II ) and can write a few lines about the abilities of this one ?
Info about this one is very rare, but I heard it is absolutely amazing. True ??
have you checked out arthur salvatore's comments on the shelter? go to then click on 'audio critique.' from there check 'recommended components.' he loves the shelter for what it's worth.
Hi Kublakhan,
thank you, yes I did before.
But there is no exact description about it's abilities.
thomas, if you do wind up getting one let us know what you think. i've been really curious too ever since i read about it on salvatore's page. unfortunately i saw the info just after i bought a glider.
Well, as far as I understand Salvatore never used this cartridge personally, anywayÂ…I use it and find it remarkably good. It will do some very-very minor Hi-Fi-ness compare to the best Koetsu cartridges but it you mate it with correct step-up (the Shelter original step-up is garbage) then it will do very serious job.
1.Which step-up would be "correct"? Do I need step-up at all?
2.What arm(s) would you recomend as a good match to Shelter?
Anyone have insights into Salvatore's claims that the Shelter is the exact same cartridge as a mega-bucks "hi-fi" brand name unit? If this is true, this has to be one of the biggest scams running. Also, is this only available direct from Japan?
I recently bought a '501 from Red Rose Music in NYC. The salesman there said he's used both and the differences between the two are very slight. A bit more refinement in the 901, but nothing major. So, the comments you find on the 501 should be useful to you as a guide. I am pretty amazed at the 501. Even not broken-in it sounds really open, smooth, detailed and clean. The Glider it replaced - which I thought sounded good, and costs about the same - sounded boomy in the bass and too smooth by comparison.
I have used the 501 for over 3 years and it is by a wide margin,the finest value in cartridges currently available.It does everything well.I replaced it by the Lyra Helikon,which is noticeably superior.The Helikon is faster,more detailed with more impact in the midbass.As a matter of fact,up to this point,I preferred the Helikon to every other cartridge I heard.

I then got the 901.The 901 posseses all the strengths of the Helikon and more.It projects a more expansive soundstage,is more harmonically complete with tighter bass and reveals more low level detail.The 901 is a significant step up from the 501 in every parameter of performance.The 901 may be double the price of the 501 ,but it is state of the art and I have personally not evaluated a better cartridge.
The Shelter 411 transformer is an ideal match for both the 501 and 901.The 411 is very transparent and totally quiet.Excellent buy at the price.

I highly recommend the VPI JMW 10 or 12 tonearms with the Shelters.
Okay, I've heard anough about these to want to give them a go. Does anyone know of a US source for the Shelters? Thank you.
Yes, RedRose Music in NYC carries them...
All Shelter products can be ordered directly from Japan.The company is Eifl Corp.They take credit cards.Email address is:
Contact is Koji,who is very prompt and reliable in shipping
the goods.

Prices are:
Shelter 501 MKII - $650 US
901 1300
411 980.

Air freight is a further $27.