Shelter 7000 load capacitance

Please advise where I can find the load capacitance for the Shelter 7000, thx
i load my phono stage 100 ohms. Sounds great!
I am using 30 ohms after quite a bit of experimentation. It sounds great!
Rockin, normally I'd agree with you, but for some reason, the cartridge database site specifically states 20-30 ohms (which is why I said "somewhat unorthodox" ;-)

Maybe Gerbie should double check with the distributor if he doesn't have a spec sheet?
I think the internal impedance of the Shelter 7000 is 10 ohms. That would imply that an input loading of around 250 ohms would be a good starting point.
thanks alot, I will check it up, appreciated
You mean the load impedance (in ohms) because the 7000 is a moving coil cartridge. Proper capacitance loading only applies to moving magnet cartridges. If you go to you can look up the loading specs for your cartridge which I believe are somewhat unorthodox and around 20-30 ohms I think.