Shahinians and Films

Has anyone here heard Shahinians in a stereo home theater set up? Do they would work well that way or are they strictly for music?


I hope you're referring to the Obelisks. I found that the obelisk was not tall enough to be at ear level for movies for the left and right channels, but the obelisk did work out as an awesome center channel for dialog by adding just the right amount of separation/air, I also raised it foot off the floor to compensate for the squat design. They should be about 1.5 feet taller for H/T. Also, the obelisk have a rear firing passive radiator and rear firing tweeters which sort of work like a bi-polar H/T speaker (which some people prefer for H/T). I just prefered the sound of a direct firing speaker for Left and Right in home theater. But... I was still very happy with the Shaninians so give it a try.
I use Obelisks for HT and find them excellent and better than conventional speakers especially because they allow a much wider sweet spot and give a more realistic acoustic landscape for more viewers and listeners. Somec59 has a point, however, that it does help to raise the obelisks a foot or so from the ground to get more realistic height. I have heard from other shahinian users they all models are good for HT. Richard Shahinian even went over to steffi Graf´s home to set up Diapasons and Hawks for HT.
Florian Hassel
Excellent. Thanks for the responses.

More opinions are welcome, of course.