Servicing a Krell FPB 350

My left side Krell FPB 350 lights up but does not produce sound. Living in Mexico makes it difficult to find qualified repair service. Does anyone know if their are fuses inside the amp and have you actually opened one up to check? As much as I hate to even start with this, it may be a DIY project.

BTW I contacted Krell and predictably they could not offer any advice other than to say that I should send it in to them for service. That is not an option for me.

We suffer from power surges here so it could be that the problem is associated with that but the right side mono is fine. The left side of my pre/pro (Krell HTS 7.1) is also out but that has been an intermittent problem for some time. The amp was always fine.

Yes, I switched out the amps to verify that the left amp is not working.

Thank you for any advice.