Separation anxiety

Is it just me or whats the deal here. Why does a system sound perfect and everything falls into place the night before your selling a major piece? Trading my Mcintosh XRT22's this morning, Miles and Coltrane were the last 2 cd's I played before breaking down and packing the speakers. They sounded so great and played like they were in the room with me pleading not to do this trade, oh well. Replacing with a new magnepan 3.6 as a temp speaker while I decide on Revel salons or a pair of Utopias. Any thoughts or comparisons on my 2 choices? Will bw using a Mcintosh 1201 monobloc, C2000 preamp, EAD 9000 pro Dac. Regards, John
I think I understand this anxiety thing. Kinda,sorta, like leaving home.Should I 'hold-on' /or not. The Maggies are a different thing. I ain't,at all familar with your Mac speakers; going to any kinda plannar electrostatic speaker will indeed be dif.--Viva la dif.
Man i hear ya.

Every time i leave my house my stereo starts whimpering and whining. It crawls up to me with its amps laid back and DVD-a hung low.

I blame myself though. because when my system was fresh and new everytime i came home i would run up to it and play with it, and when i left i would be all sad and come back several times before i finally left.

You have to ween the rig off of this behavior and just start ignoring it when you leave. Because when you respond to its sad state of being it thinks that it might convince you to stay. Eventually though, as your system matures, it will start to get a rythem to your day to day activities and will become accostumed to you leaving for work, and it will start to understand that you WILL in fact be back.

One tip, be sure to lay out some towels by your door so when you get home and it gets all excited and starts jumping that if any fluid leaks that ti doesent stain the carpet

Hope that helps! :)
The Salons and Utopias are both great. You will prefer one over the other. All anyone can do is guess, so my guess is the Utopias. I would encourage you to give the tempory Maggies some serious listening time, especially after they break in. There is something special they do for me that I have not found in a box speaker. I like your 1201's. They should work great with them and if you need more grunt at the bottom end, add a sub. Your end result might surprise you.
Onemug I agree, this is my second pair of 3.6's. I think the time has come to finally try them with a sub, I really enjoy the soundstage and speed of the 3.6's and if they blend seamlessy with a sub then all this exhausting search would be over. Any suggestions for a sub? My budget would be about $2500.00 for a used pair on audiogon. Regards, John
John, I use a pair of Sunfire Sig subs with mine. I have them hooked up to the "amp 2" outputs of a Mac pre like yours. One push of the remote and they're in, another and they're out. The Sunfires have a x/o that goes as low as 30hz and a variable phase control. Those help dial it in. Used, they should be in your budget. Good luck.