Sensitivity in speakers

Just my luck I took woodshop instead of electrical engineering. Maybe if I undestood the difference between a volt vs. a watt, I might know how to pick my next speakers.

Here's the problem - as much as I like cranking it when the missus isn't around (perhaps I should reword that?), I want speakers that I don't have to blast to get a full bodied sound. Upgraditis has lead me to Manley Neoclassic 250's driven by a Manley Steelhead with a Sota Cosmos/Shelter901 and Wavelength DAC as sources (the sources courtesy of Jay Kaufman at Audio Revolutions - a truly great guy to work with). All of this runs into Von Schweikert VR-2's. A nice speaker from my POV but not quite up to the rest of the system.

Recommendations please - what speakers would fit into this system that would sound great at all volume levels? Of course like many of us I want soaring extended highs, warm, life-like mids' and bass from the bowels of the earth.

I don't have unlimited resources but I'd rather measure the distance between me and great speakers in time rather than current cashflow.

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What do you think of the Pi speakers? i have been looking at them as an esy DIY project. I spoke to Wayne several times and he seems like a really honest guy.

Thoughts? Oppinions?


I think very highly of Pi Speakers. They are excellent values and very well designed. Wayne really knows crossovers and is very free with his knowledge. I really can't think of anyone quite like him. The 7Pi cornerhorns in particular are ingenius and superb. I've heard a couple of the other models and they were also very good but the 7Pi had me kicking myself for not thinking of it first. It works very well.

The Midwest Audio Fest in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the first week of May, and Wayne is hosting the show, in case you can make it. I'm planning on showing there too.


If you have solid corners the Seven Pi w/JBL drivers would be worth your consideration, even if you had them built for you. I'm close to completing the mid-horns on mine, and have been running the bass modules and 2426 horns configured as two ways for the last week. Even in this configuration they are more fun/engaging to listen to than my VSA VR-4 GEN III SEs. The latter have served me well, however the Pi Sevens have a larger stage, and are much more dynamic and effortless on complex music. They also sound good at moderate output levels, and don't need to be cranked to open up. Depending on the cabinet materials you use and whether you upgrade the crossovers with better parts, the DIY cost is around 3k for the all JBL version. Less if you can find the drivers used.