Sending pre in for service, need volume controller

Hello, I have to send my First Sound Reference passive back to its maker for a toggle switch replacement. Does anyone make an inexpensive switch box w/volume like QED used to, that I could just plug in to tide me over until baby comes home? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Can you solder? You can build one with Radio Shack parts for $20 or so.

Google "passive preamp diy" for info.

The Creek OBH-10 has just a motorized passive volume control in a box, the OBH-12 is simiar but has three inputs as well.
Luminous audio axiom
Thanks, everyone. It's looking like it might not be too painful after all. I can make an appointment, overnight it to First Sound and be music-less for maybe 3-4 days, tops. I was thinking it was going to be longer, but Mr. Go seems to think it's just a simple toggle switch replacement, as the other inputs work perfectly. It's only the right channel on the main input that cuts in and out.

Appreciate all the help.
For others reading the post and FWIW I have been using a Creek OBH- 12 for various remote volume control applications and have had good success with it.
A used Chase RL box, often available for $50 will do the trick. However, be warned, it may sound better then your pre. The Chase has a remote control, which will make you lazy.
Buconero, don't know what a "Chase RL box" is, but it would have to be pretty spectacular to improve upon that First Sound passive.