Sela Tempesta Monitors

Any comments on these? Thanks.
I own a pair. One of my all time favorites at any price. State of the art drivers, seamlessly put together. Very fast, detailed, and open, with near perfect balance. Beautifully crafted cabinets (mine are custom veneer), and a very manageable size.
I can't think of another speaker, new or used, that I would prefer to these at their price.
Their overall character is dry, though. No warmth or euphonics that are not on the recording at all. That may not work as well in other systems, rooms and listeners.
Very revaling of other components, cuasing me to change all my other gear since getting them. The results are totally worth it.
YMMV, so take this as a personal statment only.
That said, they are a favorite of all my audio friends as well.
Thanks. Interesting comments. Sorry I did not spell Selah right in the title. That always happens to me too. You change one thing that causes you to change something else, and on and on. 'keeps the companies busy of course.