ATC Monitors vs. Paradigm S8?

I'll be moving into a 1 bedroom loft apartment soon w/ a 40'x20'x16' living room where I plan to have my system. I'm probably 60/40 Home theater to music these days.

I had a set of SCM-11 speakers paired to a Bryston 3B-ST which I always really enjoyed but always thought they lacked low end. I've recently sold them in preparation for the move (no way they could be used in such a huge space when already lacking low-end) and began using my Paradigm S2's which I've been happy w/ overall. Each speaker has been paired w/ dual Velodyne SPL-1500's, which I love for both music and HT.

Before my move I had been on a voracious search for active ATC SCM20-2A monitors based on what I heard about them, how beautiful they were, and that they were supposed to keep high end detail but much better mid and lows. I had also always had a soft spot for Paradigm S8's which I heard a while back at a local dealer and always thought were the best speakers I had ever heard (I'm not claiming to be the most versed audiophile, just stating what I've heard), but they were way overkill for my room. I've like the highs and detail of the ATC's better than the Paradigms but Paradigm has performed better for me overall, in my current room w/ the music I listen to.

Now that I'm moving into a huge loft the S8's are definately in play but I'm left wondering if I would be able to get away w/ the active ATC monitors and the dual subs. The monitors will be cheaper and easier to deal w/ (placement and footprint) but will they lack something in such a large room? I enjoy music at fairly high levels and tight low-end is important.
There is something about a small monitors with subs that always sounds like small monitors with subs, which is fine if it appeals to you. I have never heard the S8 speakers, but I have heard larger active ATCs several times, and I think they would be hard to beat. I thought they had a great balance of virtues, and presented music in a powerful, but not overpowering way.

I don't know where you are but I have ATC 20-2A's. I live outside NYC. You might want to listen before you decide.

I would think passive ATC 50s which add ATC's famed midrange device and the "SL" 9 inch woofer with your current subs would be something to look into; might be a better comparison to the S8's than the 20's. The high crossover is at 3500 on the 50s, 2K on the S8's. The mid dome of the ATC's will offer best in class dispersion and off axis performance.

I own the S8s. It's the most under-appreciated and under-respected best deal in audio. Many reviewers and owners, me included, have opined that the S8s sound as good as many other so-called high end speakers costing multiples more. The trick is that Paradigm manufactures pretty much everything in house. Costs are also lower because R&D and fixed overhead is spread over a huge product line. Perhaps the most significant tech improvement is the beryllium (sp?) tweeter. The damn thing is flat out to almost 40 kHz!! For all I know, it may even produce ozone.
Btw the s8s have a more linear response than these ATC and most speakers on this forum board. I dare you to search the graphs and compare.

That said, I think many subjective listeners prefer distortion in some cases, rolled off highs in some cases, boosted bass in some cases.

Objectively speaking the paradigms are more pure to the source. That said you may not like a flat response.
The ATC don't suffer from the problems you mention. I am sure that you are right concerning the flat response of the S8, but as we all know, that doesn't say much about the actual sound, as many factors affect what we hear. As I recall, the Theil 3.6 was considered "flat" on paper as well, but there were still people out there with ear aches.
I imagine that the Paradigm has more extended treble than ATC, true?
Dave, certain music played on my S8s causes the neighborhood dogs to howl and makes ozone.

I said this once and I'll say it again -- the S8s are the best bargain in hi-end speakers. What's more, except for the cabinets, they are all North American made in the Paradigm plant in Ontario. The cost is reasonable because R&D and fixed overhead is spread over a large product line -- simple economies of scale.

If matched with the right equipment, a really terrific speaker. Some say the S8s are tipped in the treble. Can't say I share that experience. Maybe because I drive the S8s with ARC tube equpment. For me, IMHO, a very good match.
Hmmm...sounds like they're worth consideration to me. Where are the cabinets made?
Dave, that's the only component not made in North America. The cabinets are made in China. Even still, they're gorgeous. The only caveat I have applies to all equipemnt components: synergy! Some speakers mate well with some amps but not well with others. If your S2s work well with your Bryston amp, I surmise they'll work well with the S8s.

I don't know how heavy the Bryston is. I think it's solid state, so it may not be too heavy. If it's not too much of a PITA, I'd bring your amp to the dealers who carry the models you're interested in to check synergy. OTOH, I have a feeling that solid state is solid state. So if you A/B speakers, just make sure the dealer is using a solid state amp.

Finally, there's no such thing as perfect anything. Every component, speakers included, has its own unique presentation. So in the end, go with your ears.

Lastly, your sound room has a major impact too. Unfortunately, you can't bring your sound room to the dealer. But some dealers may let you take a set of speakers to your house. Problem there is that the higher end speakers weigh a ton. The S8s weigh 100 pounds each.

Good luck. Please let us know what you decide.

Ok, thanks.