Searching for a new Pre/Pro Again

I used to have a NAD T753 that was mated to A Bryston 9BST with Paradigm Studio speakers. Recently I sold my NAD and bought a Outlaw 990. To my ear, outlaw separates different channels of sounds much more clean and clear. But the big issue is that the sound is more machine like, very bright, cool, and harsh. I used to enjoy Norah Jones (Comes away with me) very much with the NAD. But now I could not even sit through one single song. I am going to get rid of outlaw soon and thinking of going back to a NAD Pre/Pro. Do I have other alternatives that would not break my bank?
Thanks for all advice.
If you like the sound of your NAD, why not go up the NAD food chain to the Masters series? I absolutely love the sound and the detail from the Master Pre and Amplifier. I'm using the Masters here in my showroom mated with the PSB Speaker lineup (similar to Paradigm sound) and they sound wonderful.
one word.....BRYSTON
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Thanks for the suggestions.
Bryston sp2 is probably out of my reach at present. I heard reports saying Integra is not smooth for music reproduction.
Just sold the outlaw. Tried Pioneer Elite and do not like the resolution. What other suggestions for a sub $1000 or so processor? I want to buy used.
Appreciate your valuable advice, as always!
"I heard reports saying Integra is not smooth for music reproduction." No. What has been said is that the Integra's analog inputs are inferior to using its digital inputs. So, it boils down to whether you have analog sources or not. In the system where I use(d) the Integra, all my sources are digital and I was very happy with it.

Maybe the emotiva products might serve you well;Check out their website and they have a excellant upgrade plan available.
I am running one of their dmc-1 and it is quite nice; it will support 7 channel and generates 2 sides for 9; also supports 4 subs if you need that many; has balanced outputs as well.
I tried Arcam avr350 with 9bst for a few weeks and found the sound much better than NAD T753 and outlaw 990. But I am not totally satisfied: I just feel the arcam avr350 is a bit toward the bright side in terms of music reproduction. There must be units out there that sound both detailed and smooth! Naturally I sold the unit and beginning searching again. I have to rely on your advice because there is no way I can audit all of them.
Did you check out the emotiva product? Maybe a theta casa nova might work for you; I have one for sale;if interested drop me a email; a audition can be arranged if you are near my location.