If most of the population are getting rid of their cd's in favor of that little idodlodpod or something,
why am I increasing my collection?
Am I p*ssing into the wind?
Is there a cure for the affliction
buyingolladaseedeesdatisee? I have been buying one opera
a day for 5 weeks now.Cripes.
Are you in the same boat with the wind battering your face too?
Maybe you should stop drinking so much :^)
Yes, I've wondered the same thing myself, but you can always transfer your CDs to other media (I think). I like having a hard copy of my music. I don't trust those little things. What if it breaks? Also, I think I've heard of people having trouble if they have their music on iPod and want to put it on something else. I don't own one, so just spreading half-baked rumors here. Someone who knows please straighten me out.
Maybe I should get more sleep.
You must be like all those people buying records in 1990.

Not sure what problems people have if they want to put their iPod music on something else. There is a little hack (around for 7-8yrs now) called "Senuti" which takes care of this.
I have purchased about 400 CDs in the last few months.. Since they were all a buck or two, I did not spend much money. I am collecting all the great Rock I never heard (from mid-80's to present I had been in the "Rock Twilight Zone"..) So nice that everyone is dumping thier Cds.. I get what I want paying only 06% to 10% of retail.
Though I DO think hi-rez will soon be upon us and I probably will get some of the very best music in hi-def whatever when it gets here. But the bulk of my music is still on LP..So?
Maybe I am being a bit paranoid in that I think in my head
that the humble cd won't be with us for long, I mean I have seen the evidence, when I look at music shops on line there
are more items to download than to ship to me.
Elizabeth, wow, you are getting some serious bargains there,
I usually pay between third to half off retail, that's what I aim for, but sadly most of what I am buying does not come anywhere near the 06% to 10% what you are paying,I wish, geez, I would need a new house! I do want items to be as close to new as possible, which thankfully most classical cd's are better than the average.I have enough now unplayed
rock music of yesteryear on vinyl, that for the most part I can't listen to any more, especially the likes of Ozzy Osbourne/van halen and all those 'big hair' bands et al.
The Mrs comes home from work now and says 'I'm home,
what you bought today'?!!!
Perhaps I should pass her the sherry bottle too?lol
Ahhh, the joys of being a music cd collector.
My addiction (the cd's, not the drink) costs a loss less than the horse we have.Not even close!.
Gawdless...when your ready to get rid of that vinyl hairband collection (especially the ozzy and the VH) I will glady take it off your hands....
Elizabeth, please tell us where you're getting cd's so cheaply.
Mike_dale, thank you for your kind offer, but they are as close to me as my first Linn LP12 turntable, that although I do not play the vinyl stuff, I would be very sad to part with the albums or the turntable.

I too would be interested in knowing where cd's can be bought
for only $2 a piece!
If I TOLD you.. then they would all be gone..? Sorry, I keep my stash close at hand.. to keep the stuff safe for ME!! HAH HAH HA... Or is it like telling where you found all those really BIG gold nuggets just laying on the ground.. seemed like plenty enough for everybody just all laying there...
Last night I bought Soft Machine "Third", and an Information Society (forgot title..
More to discover