scratched cds or dvds

is there any way to fix a cd or dvd that has been scratched??? thanks
I have found that Auric Illuminator can make discs that were previously unreadable due to scratchs play like they were new after treatment. I don't know how long the treatment lasts though, so you may have to re-treat the disc as needed.

Other than that, i would NOT recommend using the various devices that are marketed under the name of "The Skip Doctor", etc... as all they do is add more scratches to the disc. Sean
If you mean the disc is scratched so bad that it skips you can try Auric but probably need more agresssive means. Mapleshade sells a CD polish called Mikro Smooth which will often repair minor skip/scratches sometimes requiring couple treatments, does not do more damage just fixes skip.

The Skip Doctor is a very aggressive means and last resort since it sands entire disc surface putting fine scratches over everything, it can fix skip but now you have a uniformly scratched up disc which is not good......a last resort if there is no hope for other methods. I would only use this if disc actually skips and Mikro Smooth can't fix it.

If there are just minor scratches visible that don't cause skip you might try some Mikro Smooth, but it is a pain/messy job so I often just forget it and treat like you do your other new discs.
In the past I have used toothpaste and motorcycle winshield scratch removal products. Sometimes polishing or rubbing compound for autos will also work. Keep in mind - these solutions require a delicate touch and may not work and can leave more scratches... Maybe worth a try before tossing the disk if you have these products.
I've had excellent results from a Meguiar's product you can (or could years ago) buy at NAPA or Schuck's-- there's a plastic cleaner, and a plastic polish, for boat and airplane windshields, etc. The cleaner is more abrasive than the polish but neither adds scratches in my experience. Total investment $20 and I have enough to do 1,000,067 CDs / DVDs. Keys to this method:

Use towels that are 100% cotton- no polyester thread, no paper towels, no towels that have ever had dirt on them.

Put the disc on something sturdy with a thin 100% cotton towel under it. You will be "elbow greasing" the scratches out, you need to support the disc, or you will snap it in two.

Good luck.

Once you make your cherished CD playable again, burn a copy of it for the car so you don't add damage to it in an environment where you're hard pressed to hear the diff between the original and the copy.
Try Plexus. Available at most marine supply stores it is designed to clean and remove scratches from Eisonglass- the plastic windows on boat canvas. The entire marine industry swears by it.
Don't mean to be contrary, but I have used DiskDoctor effectively to rescue CDs and DVDs that were unplayable due to scratches. They now play just fine.