Schmitt Custom Audio cables

Howdy folks,
I live in Mpls but am moving to NC next month. They say we only move for two reasons: money or love, and I'm in the latter group. Escaping winters doesn't hurt either.

Anyhoo, the new config (in a condo...the humanity!) requires speakers on the short wall of a long open narrow rectangle and the rig off to the side. Ergo, I started looking around for 20 ft cables. I was getting nervous of price tags I saw. As a result I was leaning towards anticables but the WAF issue... First time have had to manage that. I need to pick my battles, and this one doesn't qualify as worthy.

Then I randomly found Schmitt Custom Audio cables doing a local zip code search. Chatted with James and he handmade me a 20 ft set, along with xlr ICs for a face-plantingly low price. Drove to his house for pickup; his place looks like an audio shop (which it actually is) with gear and speakers lining the walls.

Anyhoo! Been a week now, and I tell ya, if anyone out there needs cables that are both easy on the ears and the wallet, he's your guy.

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Winston Salem. Whilst visiting last month I randomly parked downtown, looked over and 10 ft away were a pair of KEF Blades. EmberAV is the place, and it's the primo supremo best hifi shop I've ever been to. For example, they host a public vinyl nite once a month, which I attended. Anything goes; no judgement. Who does that? I also went to Charlotte to meet Sandy Gross that trip, the pic is on my system profile.

Thanks for the tip! If you guys huddle up in Charlotte I'd be happy to make the trip.