Schiit Gungnir

Can owners give me their views please & which DAC did it replace...?

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infection - 
I had a Musical Fidelity V-DAC w/V-Link at first.  Upgraded the original V-Link to the V-Link 192.  Subsequently picked up a B-stock Gungnir from Audio Advisor.  It's hard to recall with much detail how different or what improvements the Gungnir brought over the V-DAC.  It has been several years.  I do recall break in was long and that initially, the Gungnir was dark end a bit rolled off with it.  I continued to use the V-Link with it as the one I got had not been equipped with USB in.  I used BNC from the V-Link.  I was happy with sonics streaming via USB from a MacBook Air...whether listening to CDs ripped as ALAC files or streaming Spotify or Tidal.  Eventually got an Aries Mini and that brought a step-change improvement in sound.  Recently, I sent the Gungnir in for the MultiBit upgrade.  If you are considering purchase, get the MB version of the Gungnir from the start.  The MB upgrade brought a major improvement to the sound.  Upgrade doesn't do it justice.  I've posted on here about the Gungnir w/MB.  Search on ghosthouse gungnir and I'm sure you will find those comments.  Good luck with whatever you do.  
@infection - I have not owned the Gungnir, but I did own the Bifrost

My issue with both of these DAC's is - they share the same USB port circuitry - which is powered from the USB power from the computer and as such - both will suffer from the problems associated with computer USB power - instability and noise!

To combat this issue I purchased a V-link192 USB to SPDIF converter, which improved things greatly. 

In addition to that I also purchased a dual lead USB cable from Doukmall and a separate power supply

See this link for further details

I have since changed to the Bluesound Node 2 - which completely outperformed the Bifrost/Vlink combo and is easier to maintain.

Regards - Steve... 

If I'm not mistaken, I think Schiit is *currently* (as of a month or so ago) including their USB Gen 5 boards in any of their products where applicable. If so, that is supposed to solve any and all "issues".