Scan Speak Tweeters OK?

I have an older pair of two and a half-way speakers made by the Danish company Avance.  All of the speaker components are Scan Speak.  Sometimes I feel that the soft dome (referred to as coated textile) tweeters are not putting out enough sound.  When I listen close to them it is clear the tweeters are working, both having the same output. 

With tweeters, if they are working at all, are they are working as designed?  Or can the tweeters be damaged, and although they are putting out sound, they are not putting out full volume as when new?

I believe that Madison Sound would have an equal valued replacement.

Thanks in advance,




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Hey George!

You can't replace single drivers willy-nilly. There is a lot that goes into matching the drivers, crossover and cabinet. Also, tweeters don't have that much output, relatively.

I suggest an experiment. Sit with the speakers near the center of the room, with your seat about 2' away and listen. If you like the sound much better then you have a room acoustics issue. If they still sound dull, maybe it's just time for an upgrade?

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Hi Jetter,

Yes, you can replace parts when identical. :)  However, SS tweets are pretty reliable, and you don't seem to be suffering from blown tweets.

It’s quite possible too you don’t have too little treble but too much bass. The 2’ test will show you what your speakers are capable at their best, tonally and perhaps imaging.