Sansui SR929 Turntable

has anyone tried playing or using a Sansui SR929
Turntable. What are the sonic qualities of this vintage TT

Thank You

I have used the table, though it has been many years. I remember it being very well built, and though the arm was S shaped, I liked its behavior. Sound? I think it is typical of almost all very high quality Direct Drive tables of the period. It seemed like an old Denon or JVC (very heavy, beautiful fit and finish) of the time, and I am talking their very top of the line tables. I have the specs on it if you need.
Can a new arm be adapted to the existing Table.
Hello Jeffrey,

Honestly, it would be a quite a job. The Sansui arm is no slouch. It is finely crafted and very capable. That being said, you could probably remove it and install another. Myself, I use a Dual 1229 and installed a Grace 747 tonearm with amazing results. Remember this was designed when Sansui was at the top of their game, and judging from the specs and what I remember of the turntable, I don't think they spared any expsense. As far as direct drive tables go, it would be difficult if not impossible to improve on this table.

There is a Sansui 929 on ebay right now with a Sumiko tonearm. So that answers the question, Yes you can change it.