Sangean HDT-1 Tuner Question

Sometimes you just get lucky. Considering the various high-end components in my 2-channel audio system, I think my inexpensive Sangean tuner might have bitten the dust. Not that I am delighted, but if any component had to expire, this would have been my pick.

That being said, I need some solid advice. The tuner will play the selected radio station for 15-20 seconds after being turned on. After that time, the audio goes completely silent. This happen on every selected station. Even after switching to different input ports on my pre-amp, the symptoms remain the same. This suggest to me a problem with the tuner itself once I has briefly warmed up.

So before donating it to someone with a penchant for tinkering with such things, can anyone tell me if these symptoms indicate the final death throes of my tuner?

Thank you kindly for any help.