Sangean HD Tuner used with external DAC

Anyone try the Sangean HDT-1x digital HD tuner with an external DAC? I am thinking this might improve sound quality but don't want to purchase a DAC unless it helps quality. Thanks for the view and your opinions.
I should have said Sangean HDT-1x HD Radio Tuner. Sorry.
I haven't tried it with an HD tuner, but if it has a digital output, a good external DAC can almost always make for better sound over those built into mass produced units, I would say.
Yup -run mine thru one of the Toslink inputs on a EAD DSP-9000III. Sounds great - this may be unique to my unit - but a little prone to weirdness when the power fluctuates. NBD - but presets go away? I basically live in what can be considered a distant suburb of Chicago.One result of this not a lot of radio choices - HD means i can get a great classical music service off our state network - a blues 24/7 feed from a commercial station whose main analog feed I'd never listen to and frankly the sound quality of the HD feeds is simply outstanding. Enjoy it while no one's listening - just like the OTA-HDTV (DTV) situation - they can pack more digital channels on to the same piece of spectrum at the price of diminished quality.Right now - nice stuff and great sound. Would suggest trying a DAC - lots of very good units out there going for pretty reasonable prices 'cause they won't do the 24/96 tango.
Pick up a Roku SOundbridge or a Squuezebox + external DAC for top notch sound and huge variety with internet radio compared to over the air, including HD radio.

Many better stations also deliver their HD digital broadcasts over internet as well as over the air.

I also have a Sangean mono am/fm table radio and love it!
Anyone had cutting in/out problems with The sangean toslink connection to dac? I have a 500 series meridian dac/pre, & the dac fluctuates (only with the sangean via toslink, not with other sources), but if used as just a preamplifier it does not cut in & out

thank you
I used the Sangean with the Logitech (Slim Devices) Transporter as a DAC but did not hear any real improvement over the Sangean built-in DAC. HD radio has a low bit rate; I suspect that is the limiting factor. YMMV. Good luck!