Salvaging worn cd's...

I've seen stuff on sale in electronic stores that promise to rehabilitate worn cd's.

My question is, are there any products out there that really work for stuff like removing scratches and making the cd's look less worn or even close to brand new?
IME once you've started with anything abrasive on the transparent face you're on your own out on a limb. The disc may play afterwards or it may not. OTOH treatment with simple cleaners or "impedance matching" fluids like Finyl or Optrix can apparently make it easier for a player to read a scratched disc. I've also had some success making a copy of a damaged disc to CD-R. If it works, the CD-R plays (or plays through) when the disc doesn't.
I have used the DiscDoctor devise on both CDs and DVDs with nearly 100% success.

I also have also copied scratched discs with my computer and the copies would play when the originals would not.

DiscDoctor works great. In only a few cases, where my kids have just scratched the DVD too much, did it not completely rehabilitate a disc.
I had little success with mass market solutions such as skip doctor etc... found them to be junk and way too inexact...sometimes left cd worse.

Finally found a great solution...been using for years's basically a motor with specialized fabric wheels and compounds...lists for $130 now...MORE than payed for itself...yes, there are some discs that could not be repaired (especially those with deep concentric scratches) but this has been a excellent product.... the supplies I got with it will last multiple don't worry about that. Has also come in very handy when watching the occassional skipping movie...just pop it out and buff it...usually works fine after....
DiscDoctor worked very well for me too.
I've fixed at least a dozen disks, and only one that did not work out.
I've seen at least one CD store using the same type of system that Ml8764ag describes. Ml8764ag: Thanks for the link. It's bookmarked now.