SACD-Standard/Custom Filter

I'm sorry if this question has been asked before but I can't seem to find much information about it. Just purchased a Sony SACD and it has the above filters mentioned, the manual states that you can harm your amplifier and speakers in the custom setting. I have a Jeff Rowland Amplifier and Montana speakers. Does anyone have any experiece with these settings or is it just hype from Sony to purchase a Sony amplifier. Any help is appreciated.
I've got the same switch on my Marantz SA14 SACD player. After owning the player for over a year I took the risk and moved the switch. It really opened things up especially with SACD's. If you go to AA, there are quite a few threads regarding this subject. I have experienced no damage to my Jeff Rowland Pre, Parasound Amp or Thiel Speakers.
I have a Sony SCD-1, and have moved the filter switch to custom without incident. I'm using a Sim P=5 preamp, Pass X-250 Amp, and Revel F-30 speakers.
I also have a Sony SCD-1 and have switched to custom without incident. MC1201s,C2200,Eggleston Andra
The standard filter utilizes a very steep cutoff filter at 20khz. The custom filter allows frequencies on out to 50khz. This shouldn't bother any modern amp or other equipment. When I owned an SCD-1, using the custom filter seemed to open things up a bit with full bandwidth. SACD's full bandwidth is 20hz-50khz.
I have a Marantz SA 8260. I have moved the switch to custom without incident also.