SACD's not playing in Denon 2910

I've changed a setting somewhere unintentionally in my 2910 and now when I put a SACD or DVD-A in the timer indicates it's playing but there's no sound in the speakers.

Other cd's are playing fine.

Anybody with some 2910 experience know where I messed up?

I owned 5910ci for years which was big brother to the 2910. I had it do similar things on rare occasions. And I found that if you can restore to factory default would solve most issues. One time I did have to unplug it for a couple of days to reset.
I have a 3910 that has the same issue. Never quite figured out how to fix it, but I am not really using it anymore.
Thanks for the answers. I'll give the defaults idea a try.
Are you listening in multichannel? If so, you may want to check that your amp or avr is still set for multichannel and that the setting there wasn't inadvertantly changed.