SACD and CD player mods

I see lots of folks going the "mod" route to fully realize the potential of their players. I don't doubt this works but that is NOT the purpose of this post. It seems like all the guys that perform this function hang on the west coast. Anybody closer to home (NY)??????
I live in NJ and had Jerry Ozment up in CT mod my SCD 777ES to add the Audio Logic analog stage. Jerry had stopped doing it after a while, but might still be willing to do the mod on occasion. I don't know of any other modifiers in this area who are known in the business, except possibly George Kaye here in NYC (and I don't know if he does digital); if you consider Minnesota closer to home (heck, I drove there for a wedding last year, it's not that far), Steve Huntley of Great Northern Sound does mods on some digital equipment and is very well-regarded. I also know of people in our audio club who have modified their own equipment (and others') in the past quite nicely, although they aren't holding themselves out as doing this as a business and don't have the reps of Huntley, Richard Kern and Stan Warren which would be helpful when selling modded equipment.
Aren't people concerned about voiding the warrantee with these mods?

If you use a "good" tech, they'll offer some type of warranty and stand behind their work. Even if it does break, they should be able to repair it. As such, i would choose a "modifier" that is well established, has a good reputation and you think will be around for a few years. Sean