Roxio 'Easy' LP to MP3

Just bought this device to upload some audio tracks that i have remixed/mastered using an Aiwa AD-R707 analogue cassette deck.

Acc to the manual-- unless the analogue source has a pre-amp, the Roxio will have to be fed from my receiver & not directly from the RCA outs on the back of the deck or the headphone out jack on the front of the deck. The headphone out jack does not have a vol level adj.

Does anyone know if there is a pre-amp inside my AIWA or a recommendation of what might be the best way to proceed?

I'm pretty sure that the manual is referring to a PHONO preamp since this device is for mainly transferring LPs to CDs.

You should be able to go directly from the tape outputs of your Aiwa into the device.
The manual says turntable OR tape player....
The Pre-amp just raises Phono to line level.The cassette is already line level.Like Mofi said,direct.You won't need Volume Adj.Roxio will set that.
What would be the best--- using the headphone connection on the front of the deck or the RCA's on the back?

Thanks for responses.
RCAs on the back. The headphone output would run through a headphone amplifier. No need for more electronics in the signal path.
If there is no need for more elec than necessary, what would be the effect of feeding the cassette into my Amp b4 feeding the Roxioanyway.

This is after all what the manual says if there is no 'preamp' in the analogue source.

Thanks again for responses.
There would be no effect whatsoever,beyond extending the signal path unnecessarily.Bring the Line Level signal out of the back of cassette player (Tape Out) to audio input on back of computer.I use an RCA at cassette end to Stereo mini plug input on Computer end.Do not use headphone jack as it is amplified.Input signal to computer must be Line Level.Otherwise you will introduce distortion.Tape Out is Line Level.Use it.
Merci Beacoup!!!