Rowland for biamp?

Have chance to get rowland 7 to add as LF amps add to my system any better then other amps or should I go with something Digitial ect. Better yet mcintosh with level controls. since Mac uses output transformers would the amp match a tube unit better.
The Rowland 7's were in the top tier in their day, but, bass was not it's forte'.
I use a pair of Rowland 201s biamped with a stereo Model 10 on top. The 201s provide phenomenal bass, while the 10 is sweet, transparent and detailed, all without the etch digital amps are apparently criticized for. This combo performs seamlessly. I have been curious whether the newer 302 or now 312 would better this combo. My skepticism keeps me from pulling the trigger, which says more about what I presently have than the newer models.