Rowland 501 or Linn Klimax

Has anyone listened to both the Jeff Rowland 501 and Linn Klimax monoblocks (or Linn Klimax Twins)? At this point I have an all Linn system (except for the speakers): Axis TT, Unidisk CD, Kairn pre, 2250 amp. Just got a pair of Vienna Acoustic Mahlers and I love them; found them better in most ways than the Linn Akkurate 242s that I was also considering and spent lots of time with direct comparisons. Now I'm considering amp upgrade. Many Mahler owners praise the Rowland amps, esp the 501s for these speakers. But I've been happy with my Linn electronics and have preferred them to various other amps when directly compared.

Especially interested in input from those who have compared Linn and Rowland.

Many thanks
I have a pair of Mahlers and have listened to 501s on Mahlers (not on my system). The 501s do a wonderful job of controlling the Mahlers on all frequency ranges and avoiding excesses. Dynamics is excellent overall. It is also fair to say that the 501 have a slightly cool sound and are not as involving as the JRDG 312. However the 501s are compatible with the new JRDG PC1 external Power Factor Correction unit which -- it is said -- brings them significantly closer to the performance of the 312. I have listened briefly to the Klimaxes but not enough to attempt a comparison. . . besides, they were not on the same system as the 501s.
I think that the linn klimax solos are some of the best products linn have ever made.

To me the are just perfect so refinet and delicate yet, the go so deep while the midbas is completly transperant, i listend to alot of amps before deciding but to me no one came eclose, mostly becaue of the way the get out of the way of the music and just play it on seemengly unlimited bandthwithe.

I have not heard the 501`s but have heard the malers.

Im pretty sure the solos will push some serious dynamic music out of those speakers , but the wil also benefit from the klimaxes iron grib kontrol and transperancy.
Tda -- Did you ever compare the Klimax solo with the Klimax twin? Anyone out there who's heard both these Linn amps and the Rowland 501? Interesting that people seem to be interested in one or the other.
hi tpy

Yes with the solos its like you add subwoffers to the system and the have way more bass slam but still transperant.
the also had better seperation and imaged deepth and a somewhat more full sound.

the have the same way of presending the music but the solos are just better in the areas that makes music more comunicating and exciting .

The rowlands is icepower wich was invented here in denmark and i have heard just about every kind of icepoweer design there is.
In my oppinion icepower with a highkval massiv PS can sound wonderfull haveever the klimaxes are much more transperant and more refinent and real imaged deepth like the best tube gear whiole the ice desigens do not.

but listen for yourself its the only way to be sure, but i would chose the klimaxes over eny digital design regardless of price.