what is the best musical amp? 8tihc? the new 12 or esle?
What I wanted to ask is, How is the musicality of the new Roland 10,12 comparing with the older 8ti ? Is there any noticable improvment or is it just again a new marketing adventure.
I own a Model 10, and I listened before to a Model 8ti. I liked much better the Model 10, and it was less money to boot. It needs a long breaking, at least 200 hrs to sound its best, but you can tell after 100. I am using a TG power cable. I understand Rowland will be eliminating the 8Tcih line. I am no reviewer, but in my system it sounded more musical, and less hi-fi. Mind you the 8ti is a good amplifier to start with.
I think the 8TIHC is the best amp they have ever made, maybe the best solid state amp under $25,000. Very musical with excellent control.
i agree with jtinn. i've owned jrdg gear of various series for the past 15 years and now run an 8ti. to my ears, the new model amps are just not as musical, particularly in the vital mid-range, as the older ones.
Rowland gear delivers musicality with a speed and grace equaled by very few product offerings. The older amps tend to have a warmer, more liquid presentation than the newer ones in my opinion. I have a pair of upgraded Model 1 amps that I use bridged as monoblocks. Midrange in spades with muscle and a delicate sweetness that is extremely satisfying. If you talk to the people who work at Rowland some feel that the Model 1 represents the most musical amplifier Rowland ever produced. Then again, we might be splitting hairs here. Through the years Rowland has consistently delivered magnificent products and at the end of the day it is hard for me to believe that anyone would not be satisfied with any model of Rowland gear.