Rotel Receiver

Hello all,

Does anyone actually own this piece? I currently am thinking about upgrading to another receiver... Possibly a Yamaha RX-Z7.. BUT I don't think it would actually be much different than my current RX-v2700 soundwise.. I would like to get the new HBR audio codecs built-in but also want a good increase in sound quality over my current piece. Supposedly the Rotel smokes the Yamaha's, Denon's Onkyo's etc soundwise... I know they dont have DSP's etc.. but have better sound from what i have read.. If anyone has any personal experience with this piece, that would be helpful.. I am running Def Tech BP 7002's and CLR 2500 for front and Infinity Rear speakers for surround and suround center. Along with a Sunfire True Sub Sig.

not a answer exactly bot a couple thoughts. I played with a rotel 1560 when they first came out and at that time it had a really annoying feature that killed it for me. that was anytime you started a new disc/movie/ or something there was a several second delay where you got picture but no sound. Once the sound came on all was fine. I heard this receiver quite a lot but never with anything similar to the yamaha receivers I also listened to. Tough to compare. ROtel likely has a firmware fix for this annoyance and just because it annoyed me means nothing to anyone else. Second thought is that this may be a good opportunity to decouple the decoding from amplification. How about a separate amp and processor? in the long run you may well be better off? Just my $0.02. sorry I cant really answer your question well.