Rotel 855,990 and 991AE

I own a stock Rotel RCD-855 and also a Cary tube-modified version known as the CAD-855. Both of these units are exceedingly smooth and can listen to them for hours. Very analog-like. Granted,they don't have the dynamics and detail of my Cary 308 but I prefer them because of their smoothness. Do either the Rotel 990 or 991AE have similar sonics? I'm one of those people that's VERY prone to listening fatigue but would like to upgrade a little from the 855's. THANKS for any input.
Try Rotel's latest player, the RCD 1072. It has the same sound as the RCD 855 but is more extended on the top and bottom with better transparency. It is already being touted as a giant killer and the best Rotel since the 855 for the money.
I own both in a second system and have compared them directly. I can tell you the 1072 is a much nicer sounding player that still continues the 855's legacy in low cost players.
Bigtee,thank you. Is the 1072 just as smooth and non-fatiguing as the 855? Have you ever had the opportunity to hear a 991 or the rare 990?
yep, I have heard them all. The 1072 is an extension of the 855 updated to superior sonics but with that same smoothness. The 990 is probably better in hifi standards. The 991 didn't sound as liquid BUT that could have been system dependent.
You really can't go wrong with the 1072 if you like the 855. It makes the 855 sound rolled at the frequency extremes and not nearly as dynamic or transparent but with the same smooth quality.