rotel 1066 vs 1068

I'm looking for a pre/pro with decent 2 ch performance for HT in 2nd room. I don't need the latest dolby format and its going to be 4.1 without center. Does the 1068 offer better 2 ch performance?

Speakers are B&W 805 signature for fronts & nautilus for rears.
Amp: ? rotel 1075

Another possibility is to use receiver 1056 or 1067 with pass lab x150.5

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IMO, the 1068 is the better performer all round. I have a RMB 1075 right now but am using a Harman Kardon AVR 430 as my pre-pro, which images horribly and unstably, and simply is NOT anywhere in the same ballpark. It was cheap, and I'm a student, so whatever works!
I am after the 1068 asap, as it is more full-featured (which is great for me, as my setup is all-inclusive) but, I really don't think the differences in 2-ch performance really justify the higher cost. If you need video upconversion to component, and the latest firmware, that does justify the extra bit 'o brass, but I think you;d be fine with the 1066, as it is still a quality piece. I have auditioned both at my dealer, but only in HT setups and not 2ch. If your local dealer still has the 1066 laying around, see if you can convince him to give you a head-to-head comparo.

My two cents! Good luck.
I agree that the limited exposure I've had to the 1068 (1098), the performance and features are better. Two-channel and/or HT. If budget is an issue, which it sounds like it is, the 1066 is hard to beat. I'm able to upgrade to the 1068 anytime, and feel my 1066 is a solid performer. With the B&W speakers I have in my HT, I don't think I'd get any better performance anyway. I believe the decision to move to the 1068 should be that the speakers are out classing the pre-pro or amplifier. Unless you have a real capable (or inefficient) set of speakers, I'd not give up a 1066 for quite awhile. I enjoy SACD, DVD, and Sat music both 2 and multi-channel.