Room treatments for a lively sounding room

I recently remodelled my 10 x 15 listening room as well as the adjacent room it is open to. New paint and hardwood floors now instead of carpet. The room sounded to "shouty in the midrange".  I bought a large area rug for the room but the room was still too "lively" sounding. Tried putting a blanket on the side wall not adjacent to the open room.  Sounded much better, but unattractive. So just I installed a multi panel room treatment kit from Primacoustic last night. I was just curious what other members of this forum have used and what  room treatment experiences have worked best for them.


@alvinnir2 you have a smallish room with hardwoods instead of carpet, so you are going to have A LOT of reflected sound at high levels.  As you move your listening position closer to the speakers, you will increase the ratio of direct to reflected sound.  You may be able to dial in a sound that you like simply by moving your listening position closer to the speakers, or moving the speakers closer to your listening position, or a little of both.  

Another approach is to add treatments to the ceiling above the listening position.  This can get you a sound that is similar to a carpeted floor.  What I personally almost never recommend is sidewall treatment in front of the first reflection point.  Maybe a little but very little.  This tends to compromise soundstage width.  

It would e helpful to know how high your ceilings are and where your speakers and listening position are.  

Well the speakers are about 8 feet apart and my listening position is about 10 feet from them. Yes the floors are hardwood but the entire area between my speakers and listening position is covered with a thick oriental rug. The sidewall treatment along with the rug has worked quite well so far. Ceiling is 7 1/2 feet high. The side wall has about 12 sq. feet of sound treatment and there is a bit behind my head. So far its worked out quite well but yes, I can bring the speakers in closer and it’s better still. Thanks

I assume you’ve played around with tweeter height. Diffusion will give you greater detail and definition.