Room treatments

I'm just about ready to buy some GIK bass traps but was wondering, for those familiar with the tri trap and soffit, if the tri trap were to be placed with the hypotenuse towards the corner wouldn't that yeild two 17" surfaces of bass "collecting" instead of one 24" surface? Glen, Bryan, anyone??
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Cannot answer your question, but have extensive experience with controlling room resonances with various room treatments such as Michael Green, Echo Busters and Eighth Nerve. These all helped as advertised, however....... and it is a BIG however, the biggest difference came with purchase and installation of a Quadraspire equipment stand.

My point being that I was sort of chasing my tail with room treatments when in actuality I needed to start first with vibration control. The effect was nothing short of astonishing and I've been at this for over four decades............and thought I knew more than I did.
You should see some GIK Tritrap pics to understand that the "17 inch surface collecting bass" statement is simply not true.
Has anyone heard anything about GIK's new "scatter plate" option in their panels, especially the tri traps?? I'm just about ready to order but would like some insight on the efficacy of it.
I agree with Celtic66, make sure that you are addressing any major vibration issues.

I went to the GIK web site and read about the new scatter plate product. I have seen a trend lately in home studis and music rooms where diffusion products are being adopted for room treatment as the major component, besides bass traps.

For me personally, I tried many broadband absorbers; based on professional room measurements and recommendations. I always prefferred the sound of diffusors; the same amount of diffussors as absorbers, instead of many absorbers. You need to treat the bass modes with tuned for bass frequency ranges absorbers to smoothen room modes.

Echobusters are what I use for my bass and absorbers. I just ordered some Acoustic Geometry Bass Traps for the rear corners. For my difussors, I use a product from Vicoustic, Wave Wood. It is similar to the new GIK diffusort panel, the Wave Wood is wood over absorbers, and serves as both a diffusor and smaller absorber. All I can say, after may years of experimentation, this is the best combination that works for me. Of course, some environments will require a lot more absorption than others and integrating diffusors into those types of room may be challenging. I would strike a balance between the absorbers and diffusors. In most rooms I have treated, I have had positive results using this formula.

Thanks for the response. Interesting that diffusion gets much less play than absorption. I'm hoping someone will comment on GIK's incorporating diffusion into their tri traps (which get great reviews) because this diffusion would now be in the corners. Up until now I have only seen diffusion panels for sides and rear wall.
You are welcome. That would be an interesting experiment to use that particular combination in corners. Perhaps, GIK could offer an at home demo with the new scatter plate diffusor. You are correct that diffusors are mostly used in the back or side walls. I am always willing to experiment.

What are you using to measure your room? I have Rives Audio professional measuring kit. I am thinking about getting the XTZ room analyzer, seems to be pretty straighforward and easier to use. At the very least, a Radio Shack SPL meter and Stereophile Test CD1 will be necessary to measure your rooms performance.

You might get more responses posting your question on the Audiocircle forum. GIK has their own forum there and Bryan and Glen post there regularly. I think Bryan is the facilitator.